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Andrea Cumbo

Litigated Love (The Red Flag Dating Club Book 3)

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She takes on his case because she’s tired of small business owners being forced to close because of massive corporations, but when she finds out he isn’t as small-time as she thought, will that matter?

When Lucretia Townsend decided to take on her quarterly choice of “little guy” cases, she decides that the local flower grower Dario Baxter could use her help to win his case against the corporate farm that wants to take his land.

But it turns out that Dario hasn’t been completely forthcoming about his financial position, and Lucretia has to decide if he was being dishonest or just cautious... at the same time she has to choose between what her heart wants and her head advises.

Unfortunately, her friends in The Red Flag Dating Club aren’t making things any easier for her... or for Dario, it turns out.

Can she handle dating a man who doesn’t tell her everything about himself?


About the Author

Andrea Cumbo lives in Virginia’s Southwestern Mountains with her young son, old hound, and a puppy who gave a baby doll an emergency amputation last week. When she’s not writing, she watches teen fantasy shows, continues to sporadically try online dating, and sits in her son’s treehouse to enjoy the view. 

She writes cozy mysteries as ACF Bookens, which you can find here

And she also writes magical realism and books for writers, which you can find here.  

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